Welcome to Dhatri Foundation

DHATRI FOUNDATION is the society formed to dedicate itself for the Development of Human Accord Technically Resetting Integrals. It focuses on various aspects and strives for the overall development of the society integrating the resources accordingly. DHATRI targets mainly for the uplift the down trodden and provides them support. It works through its various wings in diverse areas which needs attention.

Keeping in view the mounting problems of unemployment situation in the State, specially among the educated youth, the State Govt., has laid special emphasis on creation of employment opportunities by up-gradation of skills of potential youth and creating required support systems to ensure that a sizable number of unemployed youth can take up Employment activities for their economic empowerment.


A large number of Self Employment Programmes have been under implementation in the State during the last few decades as sponsored schemes of the Government. Success of these programmes, for achieving sustainable Employment and development, has been found to be limited due to various shortcomings and constraints.

Goals & Objectives

To identify the potential employment options available for the below poverty line (BPL) employable unemployed Graduate youth between the age group of 18 -30 and train them in skills according to the market requirements, thereby working towards achieving the goals of poverty reduction and employment generation. To provide young adults from economically weak back grounds an opportunity to assimilate into the competitive job market and to help them acquire the required

Cources Offered

  • I.T. Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Governess
  • Video Editing
  • Multi Skill Workers
  • Call Center Training
  • Hotel Operations
  • Retail Management
  • Customer Relations
  • Hardware and Networking